Omney Data helps research analysts and other industry professionals perform their jobs more efficiently by offering the following solutions:

Specialty Retail Tracking Data: Omney Data publishes three weekly time series that track components of pricing and promotional activity of specialty apparel retailers. We use a proprietary combination of manual and programmatic processes to produce the following time series:

  1. YoY change in full ticket prices
  2. YoY change in markdown rate (excluding promotions)
  3. YoY change in promotional discount rate

Why is it useful?

The data has a plausible theoretical background (not black box or AI algorithm) and correlates to fundamental performance. Common data sources do not capture this information well despite the significant opportunity for alpha given these stocks' high volatility. The time series' lag times are minimal, and the set complements credit card data well by giving a perspective on underlying sales quality and inventory positioning.


Bespoke Web Data Projects: Omney Data works closely with you to develop a customized web data project. A typical personalized project involves the following steps:


Questions we help answer include:

  1. Is Gap discounting more heavily versus the prior year?
  2. How are ticket prices trending for Southwest's new routes?
  3. Which metro areas are seeing the highest increase in rental car demand?
  4. How is the average year-over-year change in hotel room rates in the US trending intraquarter?
  5. How do Wayfair's prices compare to Amazon's?
  6. Are Nike sneakers appearing more frequently in Instagram posts?
  7. Are social media posts from Disney resorts increasing relative to total social media activity?

In addition to serving investor clients, we also work with professionals in other industries. Please contact us to learn more about our capabilities and how we can help you achieve your web data goals.